style [stīl]
[ME < L stilus (sp. infl. by unrelated Gr stylos, pillar) < IE base * (s)tei-, pointed > L stimulus]
1. a sharp, slender, pointed instrument used by the ancients in writing on wax tablets
2. any of several devices, etc. similar in shape or use; specif.,
a) Obs. a pen
b) an etching needle
c) an engraving tool
d) the pointer on a dial, chart, etc.
e) the gnomon of a sundial
f) Bot. the slender, stalklike part of a carpel between the stigma and the ovary: see PISTIL
g) Zool. a small, pointed projection or bristlelike process, as on some insects
h) manner or mode of expression in language, as distinct from the ideas expressed; way of using words to express thoughts
i) specific or characteristic manner of expression, execution, construction, or design, in any art, period, work, employment, etc. [the Byzantine style, modern style]
3. distinction, excellence, originality, and character in any form of artistic or literary expression [an author who lacks style]
4. the way in which anything is made or done
a) the current, fashionable way of dressing, speaking, acting, etc.
b) something stylish; esp., a garment of current, smart design
c) a fashionable, luxurious existence [to live in style]
6. distinction and elegance of manner and bearing
7. form of address; title [entitled to the style of Mayor]
8. sort; kind; variety; type
9. a way of reckoning time, dates, etc.: see OLD STYLE (sense 1), NEW STYLE
10. Printing a particular manner of dealing with spelling, punctuation, word division, etc., as by a specific publisher, newspaper, etc.
styled, styling
1. to name; call [Abraham Lincoln, styled the Great Emancipator ]
2. to design the style of
3. to treat (hair) by cutting, blow-drying, coloring, etc. in order to achieve a desired, usually fashionable, style
4. to bring into accord with an accepted style, as of a publisher; normalize spelling, punctuation, etc. of

English World dictionary. . 2014.


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